The story of Norscot

Norscot Manor was originally the home of Ernst Eriksen and his family. 

It was in 1935 when the Eriksen’s first saw the land, and captivated by the glorious view, the

Magaliesburg in the distance, and the superb sunset, that Ethel decided "This is where I want to build my home".


Early days at the Manor


Built on a scale few could afford today, it was suited to lavish entertaining as well as being a quiet secluded home the Eriksen’s wanted. In 1982, Norscot was sold to the City Council, to be used as a Recreation Centre.

As for its name, - Norscot – we know that the „nor‟ was for Norway and „scot‟ was for Scotland and that Mr and Mrs Ernst Eriksen lived

there with their two children. But the story of the Eriksen family goes back much further than that. There are two stories to be told

about Norscot – the story of the Eriksen family and their life in Africa, and the story of the fine house they built

on what was a quiet water-melon farm to the far north of Johannesburg. 


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